Getting involved: Chelsey Fenn

Chelsey Fenn is another volunteer making up the team for our first challenge weekend. Working for Attacat in web  development, word on the street is she is also a bit of a dancer. Hopefully we will get to see both skill sets this weekend! This is what she is expecting from the weekend:

Why do you want to be involved in Impact48?

It’s a great idea – using a brief period of time to collaborate and produce something really useful to a charity! 

What do you perceive your role to be over the weekend and what are you hoping to bring to the challenge?

I hope to bring my technical knowledge to the challenge. I’ve just begun my career as a web developer and am thrilled for the opportunity to put some of my skills to good use.

What are you expecting over the weekend?

A fun time of shared work and effort, of meeting new people, and of measurable results that (hopefully) makes an impact.

What do you hope to gain from the weekend?

Hopefully I’ll come away from the Impact48 weekend with some practical experience and some new relationships.

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team and follow their exploits on Twitter and Facebook as the weekend progresses.