Challenge weekend 12th – 14th April: Music in Hospitals Scotland

Our first challenge weekend is nearly upon us. What can we expect? Nobody knows but hopefully our team will produce something that causes REAL IMPACT for Music in Hospitals Scotland, our wonderful charity. They’re looking for something along the web/ social media techie side of things so we’ve got a great team of designers, developers and marketing strategists lined up to take on the challenge. Here is what they can expect from the weekend: 

FRIDAY 12th April 6:30pm – 8:30pm: The Bonham Hotel, Edinburgh

Meet and greet and presentation time. This is the first time the team will be together along with Music in Hospitals, a few of our sponsors and other supporters. There will be various presentations giving information about the challenge and a chance to ask questions. Everyone will get the chance to know each other and bounce ideas around.

FRIDAY 12th April 8:30pm onwards: Still at The Bonham Hotel, Edinburgh

Time for some brainstorming and getting an action plan nailed down for the weekend. This is the first chance for the team to sit down together and start to build up an idea of what they are planning on doing and how they are going to implement their plan. I’m sure it will be a bit crazy with lots of ideas all over the place, but very exciting and rewarding too.

SATURDAY 13th April 10am onwards: Yard Digital, Edinburgh

Yard Digital has kindly offered us their office space for the weekend, acting as team HQ. As we recognise that people are generally quite busy and kindly giving us their time and expertise for free, there will be a free flowing feel to the day with comings and goings from team members. Over the day the team will be working on developing their ideas into something that will (hopefully) have real impact.

SUNDAY 13th April 10am – 4pm: Yard Digital, Edinburgh

Time to finish up, polish those edges and prepare for judging. This will be a day of working hard to get concepts finished and in place.

SUNDAY 13th April 4pm onwards: The Bonham Hotel, Edinburgh

It’s back to The Bonham for judging time. Here the team will present what they have achieved over the weekend and a panel of judges will assess the results. This will include how feasible it is, use to the charity and whether Ezone are able to support whatever the team comes up with. A verdict will be reached and the team can celebrate their success (we very much hope, fingers crossed)! Something with REAL IMPACT that will benefit a worthy charity, Music in Hospitals Scotland, achieved in 48 hours.

For live updates of how the team are getting on follow us on Twitter @RealImpact48. We are also using #impact48 and may need some help with ideas and questions so please feel free to chip in with your experience even if you couldn’t attend this weekend. All feedback is useful! We will also be on Facebook and there will be updates on this blog with progress of how the weekend is progressing.