Ezone Software


Our fabulous sponsor for this weekend is Ezone software, a web software company that focuses on services to the Hospitality industry. They have many clients in other areas as well. However, recently there has been a shift to become the go to company for Hotel Web Support.

The co-founder of Ezone, Barry, set up Impact 48 and volunteered Ezone as the first sponsor, as they are always keen to support charities. They try and take every opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and those around us. They have already worked alongside our charity for this weekend, Music in Hospitals Scotland. In 2009 they helped them start using WMS to manage the content on their website. Last year they helped redesign the Music in Hospitals Scotland site as the old one was beginning to show its age. The goal was to create a visually appealing website, maintaining the functionality of the old one whilst introducing new features such as a blog. I think we can all agree they have done a great job: http://www.musicinhospitalsscotland.org.uk/

So who is more perfect than Ezone to work alongside Music in Hospitals Scotland for A third time, this time achieving their goals in just 48 hours?! Ezone have no business ambitions to gain from the weekend, only personally they like to collaborate and work towards having an impact on a charity.

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