MiH weekend: Saturday

Saturday was a long day for our challenge team, working with Ezone and Music in Hospitals Scotland. Our team were arriving from 9am and worked late into the evening, the final people departing after 11pm!


This day was when we were at our full strength, with 10 people of different skills contributing to the task. The morning started with a summary of our key goals for the weekend and everybody got down to business. One team worked on developing a ‘supporters badge’ widget for people to put on their website proudly declaring themselves supporters of MiHScotland. This included Sarah and Jonathan from Creative State, marketing and design experts, and Chelsey from Attacat a web developer who worked on the coding. The second team was Barry from Ezone and Vladimirs from Escrivo who were busy working on code, trying to get JustGiving.com to talk to the Music in Hospitals site so we could develop a donation counter. The final team was Alex from Yard Digital and Iain from Ezone working to improve the MiH website, inputting meta data to help improve search results on Google and make the whole site more accessible and easier to find. Sarah and Laura from MiH were running between the teams providing information and opinions and then spent a large chunk of the day editing content for the website.


After a much needed lunch break, with pizzas kindly provided by Bar Roma in Edinburgh’s West End, it was time for a regroup and see what progress people had made. Things were going well – the badge widget had been done and they were now developing the concert counter and donation counter widgets. Website overhaul was looking good and it seemed there was time to think more about some small, but helpful steps that will aid MiH, giving them time saving techniques.

However, it was not all blue skies and clear sailing. Barry and Vladimirs were struggling with the JustGiving API. They just couldn’t get it to connect with the MiH site. It was a valiant battle to try and get a solution but to no avail. Defeat was finally admitted and the idea of a donation counter had to be let go. It was a sad moment for the team as this was one of our key ideas for the weekend but with only 48 hours to work in there just wasn’t time to get everything sorted and working properly. The whole point of the weekend is to produce something of REAL impact – not some half-finished, not working properly concept.


So positives and negatives were taken away late on Saturday night, with the team persevering until gone 11pm. Sunday looked to be a long day, minus most of our design team. Stay tuned to find out how the day, and the Judging, goes. Follow us on Twitter @RealImpact48 or via #impact48 or on Facebook for live updates.