The Real And Lasting Post Weekend Impact – Music In Hospitals

The very first Impact48 weekend took place in April this year. The charity chosen was Music In Hospitals Scotland and what a worthy cause it was to choose.

Music in Hospitals aims to improve the quality of life for people of all ages in care across the whole of Scotland through the provision of professional live music. Concerts take place in hospitals, hospices, care homes, day centers and special needs schools, bringing the benefits of live music to people who need it most.”

The aim of the Impact48 weekend was to provide the charity, lacking resource, with ideas, knowledge and new technologies to further their cause. To do this Impact48 brought together sponsors and a skilled team willing to volunteer their time, knowledge and enthusiasm to develop something in 48 hours. Through idea generation, collaboration and development the primary objective for the team was to create something that was complete and immediately actionable for the charity. This meant that the ideas and strategies developed could not half-baked, instead the weekend had to deliver something which was fully planned, fully developed and would have a real impact.

The primary aims and challenges for the weekend were:

  • To seek a means of raising MiH’s online profile to a younger demographic
  • To devise a means of prompting small, even tiny, donations on a large scale

So five months on, you may presume the dust to have settled and the energy and enthusiasm generated from the weekend to have waned but the weekend’s impact has been real and it lives on. Sarah Bax (Sponsorship and Marketing) and Laura Dancer (Fundraising Coordinator) at Music In Hospitals explain the real and lasting impact of the weekend.


Laura and Sarah from Music in Hospitals explain how the Impact48 weekend was of huge benefit and value to Music in Hospitals in the following ways:

Laura:    Having technical experts volunteer their time and talents over the weekend boosted morale for MiH. I think I can speak for us all here at MiH that we felt privileged and grateful for their donation of time and knowledge. From the outset, it was clear that the volunteers were committed to the weekend, we felt very confident that the team would produce something in the complete interest of  and benefit to MiH. This reinforced our belief that MiH is a charity worthy of support. Receiving social media advice and training built our confidence to interact online more than before thereby gaining “new” supporters and raising awareness. The positive energy really created a rise in mood and benefited all involved.

Through increased online interaction and the use of the widgets and buttons more people will now have heard about MiH therefore the potential for more supporters, funding, and awareness has increased and ultimately more service users will be benefiting. Without the weekend we would not have the online presence we have now and perhaps we would not have raised awareness in a group of people otherwise unconnected to MiH (ie the volunteers). This weekend was definitely worthwhile and Impact48 gave MiH the opportunity to benefit from a variety of professional services which otherwise it would not have been able to access in this way.”

Sarah:    “I think that going through the experience on the Friday night, of laying ourselves a bit bare and having to reflect about how we operate, has made the prospect of collaborating and working with other external organisations in similar fields far less daunting and threatening than it might have seemed before hand. Since Impact48, we’ve been more open and had more meetings with other organisations than I can ever remember. I feel the weekend marked a shift in how we present ourselves, not just online, but in general. I think we’re a bit braver and more open to change.We know that benefits have already been felt from our involvement in the scheme, and we also know there are many more to come.”

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