The Edinburgh Cyrenians Weekend: Stepping Up To The Challenge

The aim of an Impact48 weekend is to provide a charity, lacking resource, with ideas, knowledge and new technologies to further their cause. When Impact48 approached Edinburgh Cyrenians as the chosen charity for the next Impact48 Weekend there was no shortage of potential ideas or areas where help would be a great benefit to them. The idea is that this help should allow them to develop areas of their charity that they might not be able to otherwise.

The goal is for the volunteers to decide how they can use their skills and time to develop something that will help Edinburgh Cyrenians move forward in one or more of the areas identified. It will be up to the volunteers to choose which idea they pursue based on where they think they can make the most real and long lasting impact.

Here is a sneak peak of the ideas and challenges which will be presented to the team of volunteers to kick of the weekend and to stir up some creativity.

Cyrenians Farm Produce Branding

Cyrenians Farm is a social enterprise with dual objectives. The first objective is to support homeless individuals with shelter and much needed work-based opportunities. The second is looking for opportunities to make an income so the farm does not have to be fully reliant on grants or donations. The farm provides accommodation for a number of homeless individuals aged from 16-25 and offers them a safe and enriching environment to settle and in time, grow. Watch the Cyrenians Farm films here “Sowing Dreams.”

challenge1 The Challenge:  

To design and fully develop a “Cyrenians Produce”  brand that can be used on labeling everything from chutneys to bags of mixed leaves, from jam to garlic and from potted herbs to bird boxes. The branding should also be visible throughout the Cyrenians website and other marketing materials. The aim is for the brand to be shared by the farm and all three community gardens to facilitate the move towards the two sections sharing produce and serving shared customers.

“Give in Kind” Social Enterprise 

Edinburgh Cyrenian Trust is considering the establishment of a new social enterprise, “Give in Kind.”  The enterprise would enable private individuals to donate unwanted goods to Cyrenians clients in need of them (a form of online charitable recycling).

challenge 2 The Challenge:

To facilitate the development of this new social enterprise Edinburgh Cyrenians requires a basic functional webpage/site and a system which enables the posting of requests for unwanted items as well as the transaction of these goods between a private individual and recipient registered with the charity. Cyrenians require a basic secure system at this stage, but it must have the capacity to be edited and built on in the future. Longer term Cyrenians anticipate requiring a search facility, matching facility, details and listing of fulfilled postings, the ability to produce statistics, advertising, name and brand banners and page tabs.

Online Finance Reporting Project 

Cyrenians produce annual Financial and Impact Reports, which are always presented in the form of a PDF and is available as an attachment on their website. Edinburgh Cyrenians believe that the information within these reports could be of interest and benefit to a larger audience than at present.

Impact-2011The Challenge:

To increase success and awareness raised by online reporting with the addition of new formats and interactive elements. Improving these online reports is vital in furthering the Edinburgh Cyrenians cause as these reports contain valuable information at a detail not presented anywhere else on the website.

Do you have something to bring to the challenge?

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