Meet Our Volunteers: Web Designer, Copywriter and Blogger, Justin Reynolds

With only 3 days to go until the Impact48 Weekend kicks off in the Attacat office on Friday evening, things – and volunteers for that matter, are slotting neatly into place. Here is one such volunteer. Justin Reynolds is an Edinburgh based web designer, copywriter and blogger with more 15 years of experience of designing websites and developing content management solutions to a whole host of clients. He is also the man behind, the home of his web design portfolio and blog. If you have already read Justin’s guest post “The promise and limits of civil hacking,” on our very own Impact48 blog then you’ll know we’ve excelled ourselves with this one. If you haven’t, put the kettle on and settle yourself down for a particularly insightful read. This week we caught up with Justin to hear more of his musings over the Impact48 Weekend.

Justin Reynolds, Web Designer, Copywriter and Blogger.


How did you hear about the weekend?

My friend and Impact48 organiser Barry O’Kane told me about the first weekend, which I unfortunately had to miss. I’ve followed Impact48 on Twitter since then, and was glad to be around for this one.

Why do you want to be involved in Impact48?

I have great admiration for the work of the Cyrenians, and I hope we can develop something useful and a little bit different for them. Also, having been self-employed for some time now I’m curious as to how I will get on working in a close knit team: I’m looking forward to it but am somewhat out of practice.

Describe yourself in three words.

Bookish. Unworldly. Tolerable.

Describe your company in a nutshell.

Somewhat indescribable at the moment I’m afraid. I’ve been a self-employed web designer for about 10 years now, and I still provide web design services. But lately I’ve rekindled a long standing interest in the written word (I used to be a journalist) and am thinking about tacking in that direction again: doing some kind of writing, perhaps in parallel with a bit of design. So I blog regularly and have started to volunteer written articles here and there. Perhaps one day I will find a way of getting paid for one of them.

What do you perceive your role to be over the weekend and what are you hoping to bring to the challenge?

I can write and design, so I’m happy to do whichever of those is most needed.

What are you expecting?

From what I’ve heard of the first weekend I’m expecting it be quite busy, but enjoyable.

What do you hope to gain from the weekend?

It will be great to work with Barry and one or two others I know again (I did some work with Barry’s company Ezone Interactive a few years back). And to meet and work with new people.

Lastly and most importantly – What is your favourite home baked treat?

Capricorn night octopus lemon drizzle cake. But chocolate chip cookies also OK.

We can’t wait for the Impact48 weekend to get underway and we are so pleased to have you on board Justin! … We’ll see what we can do about sourcing the ingredients for that extravagant sounding Lemon Dizzle cake.

There is still time to get help with Impact48 this weekend!

We are still welcoming all the help we can get for the next Edinburgh Cyrenians Impact48 Weekend on October 4th-6th. We are looking for all sorts of volunteers with all sorts of skill sets, so if you would like to find out more or volunteer for our next weekend please get in touch with us! Email at

We are also looking for other kinds of assistance for the weekend such as perhaps fuel for the volunteers! The amazing people at Innis & Gunn have again donated some delicious beers for our hard working volunteers over the Impact48 weekend. Could you or your business help? Find out more about sponsoring or get in touch with us at

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