The Edinburgh Cyrenians Weekend: Saturday’s Progress

On the Saturday morning the volunteers arrived refreshed and ready to get down to some hard work and with no time to waste – except for a necessary coffee and a bite or two of croissant. A quick brief of the challenges at hand was enough to relight Friday evening’s enthusiasm and determination. We got the feeling from the volunteers themselves that they were ready to push themselves to achieve something really amazing for Cyrenians and that anything less than amazing just wouldn’t do.


A little pastry incentive to get the volunteers out of bed.

With the team, and the table, split equally into two halves the work began. One team focused on the Online Financial Reporting project while the other on the “Give in Kind” social enterprise. It didn’t take long for the ideas and suggestion to begin to fly and at this point it seemed like both teams were in competition to be the loudest. Once the teams had got this burst of thought sharing and creativity out of their system, good ideas were agreed upon and a plan for each project was beginning to take shape.


Kathryn, Justin, Jeff, Scott, Jennifer focus on the “Give in Kind” social enterprise development

Then around lunchtime things got quiet. Really quiet, uncomfortably quiet even. This was the sound of complete concentration and great things, tangible things, starting to appear. A great example of this is this sneak peak of Scott Burns’ amazing (and super speedy) work for the “Give in Kind” social enterprise project below.


So here’s what was achieved by the time we shut up shop and laptops late into the night on Saturday:

The online finance reporting project

A basic micro site has been created to host the new, more flexible and engaging reporting formats. An infographic had been created for the homepage, this summarises the varied services that Edinburgh Cyrenians offer. The idea is to provide a clearer picture of all that the charity does. The team also made good headway into taking the lifeless financial data and presenting it in a more colourful and accessible format.

The “Give in Kind” social enterprise development

Saturday morning the volunteers were looking at the logistics behind a new ‘Give in Kind’ project and bouncing ideas around about web design, marketing and the scope of online transactions. By 4.30 pm the basic digital structure had fallen into place and our sneaky glances at the progress for far got us pretty excited for the final revealing on Sunday. By 10 pm a working prototype of the “Give in Kind” site was in place for which 1 logo, 16 icons, 7 web pages and 1 rather large infographic had been designed. Wow. 

Tweaks to the current website

A few quick but important tweaks were made to the current website. This included embedding Cyrenians’ social feeds onto their homepage as well as improving some of the other visual elements. The aim was to increase visitor engagement as well as improve the overall user experience on the website.

With six hours to go and a lots developing to do until the final presentations this evening we can’t wait to see the final results achieved for Cyrenians! We’ll keep you posted! You can follow us on Twitter @RealImpact48, use the Twitter hashtag #impact48. You can also sign up to our newsletter, like our Impact48 page on Facebook.

If you would like to find out more or volunteer for our next weekend please get in touch with us! Email at