Impact48 in Glasgow with MimiandMefor53 – Access to Exercise Hackathon

I’m incredibly excited to announce the next Impact48 event! This time we are working on the MimiandMefor53 campaign to get everyone moving following Mimi Anderson run across the USA in 53 days!

What is Impact48?

  1. A small team of talented volunteers and a great social campaign get together.
  2. The chosen project presents their work in detail and talks about some of their challenges or goals which they want help with.
  3. We discuss and agree something concrete that we can do to help using our skills.
  4. After 48 hours of energy the campaign is better empowered than when we started!

What is MimiandMefor53?

This is a campaign and a documentary film that is inspiring people (especially women) to exercise by following Mimi Anderson run across the USA in 53 days in September and October 2017.

MimiandMefor53 is the brainchild of an amazing entrepreneur, Carol Cooke, who is an award winning film maker. Carol want to use Mimi’s run and her film to encourage and enable more people to get moving through the campaign.

The campaign includes providing funds to a charity called Free To Run.

Our Impact48 with MimiandMefor53

The event will take place at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

We will kick off on the evening of Friday (25th August)) when we’ll learn all about what help is needed and identify ways we can help them do even more! Saturday and Sunday will then be all about doing something that is complete and real; including making the MimiandMefor53 community live and running a round table on Access to Exercise.

We’ll then have a celebratory presentation (and drink) on Sunday evening and reflect on our impact.

Get involved!

We are looking for anyone with:

  • WordPress and BuddyPress development skills
  • Social media knowledge about what content to create and how
  • Time to help out and learn about social media and wordpress
  • Opinions on how to help people access exercise.

Come along and have a challenging, rewarding and really fun weekend helping a great campaign get launched.

Register at our Eventbrite Page

Unable to attend?

You can still get involved as we have a virtual volunteer ticket on EventBrite or: