Report on Glasgow Impact48 – August 2017

hampden-park-2.jpgWe had a fantastic weekend and achieved a lot due to our volunteers. Being hosted at Hampden Park during a match was the perfect backdrop to be hacking the challenges of women and girls accessing exercise.

hampden park 120170827_120249


Carol shared the trailer of the documentary which is at the heart of this campaign to set the scene for the volunteers. During the weekend she also created this new video to encourage people to join Mimi on the journey by doing their own 53 day challenge.

#MimiAndMeFor53 – Let’s Get Moving! from Carol @ Scrumptious Productions on Vimeo.

The website and community at will run for a further 53 days after Mimi completes her challenge allowing people to join in at any stage in the journey. Find out more by clicking here.


One large part of our achievements was for our young volunteers to research, script and film a short documentary about accessing exercise. As soon as it has been edited by Carol from Scrumptious Productions we will share it on the site here. But here are some images from their work.Swapna, Susie and Kim worked hard on the website for the campaign – MimiandMefor53.   They were taught about WordPress and BuddyPress so that they can update and manage the site.

Kim (aka The Fair Bod Mother) and Carol created a detailed workout, bodcast and lifestyle hints plan that everyone who joins the 53 day MimiandMefor 53 challenge gets access to. Sign up here if you want to follow Mimi Anderson who is running two marathons a day across the USA from 7th September to set a new world record.

The team also learnt about updating the Twitter (@mimiandmefor53) , Instagram ( and Facebook  ( ), and the website will soon have new plugins sharing these feeds thanks to volunteers.

Neil popped in to give us Facebook promotion tips. Jess worked throughout Saturday gathering contacts and links to good reference material to promote the campaign. Finally Maureen McGonigle from Scottish Women in Sport shared their wonderful anthem which you can view by clicking on the image: