Impact48 with Orphan Impact, Vietnam

I’m incredibly excited to announce the next Impact48 event! This time we have the honour of working with Orphan Impact in Vietnam.

What is Impact48?

  1. A small team of talented volunteers and an outstanding charity get together.
  2. The charity presents their work in detail and talks about some of their challenges or goals.
  3. We discuss and agree something concrete that we can do to help using our professional skills
  4. After 48 hours of energy the charity is better empowered than when be started!

Who are Orphan Impact?

Orphan Impact prepares Vietnamese orphan children for the tech dependant job market they face when they leave the orphanage at 19 years old. Since March 2009 Orphan Impact have provided high quality computer and internet training programs to more than 1,000 orphans from among 16 orphanages in Vietnam.

Orphan Impact logoThey say: “We do not believe that by simply bringing computers and internet into Vietnamese orphanages we will magically help each child to be successful. But we do believe that with the right balance of fun and challenge, mentoring, encouragement and discipline – as well as a carefully planned curriculum and properly trained teachers, we can begin to help the children develop many of the crucial skills they are currently missing to be prepared for today’s fast moving and tech-focused society. With each new orphanage partner, we try to ensure the orphanage leadership is interested in working with us to help work towards these goals.”

Find out all about this inspiring charity at

Our Impact48 with Orphan Impact

The event will take place in Ho Chi Minh City (venue TBC) between March 20th and 22nd, 2015. We will kick off on the evening of Friday (March 20th) when we’ll learn all about Orphan Impact and identify ways we can help them do even more! Saturday and Sunday will then be all about doing something that is complete and real; something the charity can take advantage of immediately. We’ll then have a celebratory presentation (and drink) on Sunday evening and reflect on our impact.

We will not be working directly with orphans, rather our goal is to find ways to help Orphan Impact reach their goals.

Get involved!

We are looking for anyone with business, marketing, design, technical or writing skills to join us. Come along and have a challenging, rewarding and really fun weekend helping Orphan Impact have even more impact!

Request your invite for the weekend

Unable to attend? You can still get involved:

Small steps for big impact

We’ve just finished our Impact48 weekend event with In Search of Sanuk in Bangkok. Bangkok is in the international news this week for a big political protest, the “Bangkok Shutdown”, a mostly peaceful protest which has been marred by some violence.  Luckily our event was no-where near the protest areas so we were able to concentrate on the job in hand.

“I feel that we’ve done more in the last 48 hours than we’ve ever done… ever”. Michelle, In Search of Sanuk volunteer


In Search of Sanuk are a truly inspiring group that directly provides food, shelter, and educational support for survivors of torture and trauma, focusing special attention on at risk women and girls.

Dwight and his volunteers work tirelessly to care for hundreds of people and entire families that might otherwise be reduced to prison, forced prostitution or slave labour.  They house, feed and support these families, including children of all ages.  More than that; they work to bring opportunity, dignity and fun to those that have none.  “Sanuk” is the Thai word for fun and enjoyment.

And they do all this almost exclusively on a volunteer basis.

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Ambition lab needs you!

Here at Impact48 we are busy preparing for some exciting events in 2014.  In the meantime we’d like to share the work of some other organisations that we find exciting; check out Ambition Lab:

AmbitionLabCalling all techy people with different skills sets to make an impact on the Ambition Lab Hackathon (happening in Strathclyde), from 12pm Fri 29th to 6pm Sat 30th. Everyone will work together to create digital solutions to help young people to achieve their dreams.

If you cannot make the start – don’t worry! The node will be recapping the project throughout the evening so feel free to join us after work or university!

The winning digital concept design will be rewarded with £1000 cash prize and a day visit to Cisco head office.

Visit to find out more and to register.

Any enquiries please contact

The promise and limits of civic hacking

Here at Impact48 we believe in the power of hack weekends.  Our events (as well as being fun and rewarding in themselves) empower us to have a real, positive, useful impact on the work of those wonderful people making our world better via their charities.

This guest post from Justin Reynolds puts our approach eloquently into the big picture.


The hack weekends organised by impact48 exemplify one of the most interesting emerging uses of web technology: the design of innovative new channels for the delivery of public and charitable services.

During the weekends – sometimes called ‘hackathons’ – engineers, designers, developers and strategists volunteer their time and skills to create online applications that seek to improve the accessibility of public services and provide useful new tools for the day-to-day work of doctors, the police and other public servants.

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What they said: blogs from Impact48 alumni

Our first Impact48 weekend was a huge success entirely due to the amazing people who gave up their weekend, here is what some of them said:

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Thank you all, again!