Getting involved: Alex Robertson

Our challenge weekends couldn’t happen without the help of our volunteers. One of these lovely people is Alex Robertson, a business and strategy consultant, also a passionate cyclist with a fondness for the geek side of things. This is what he has to say:

Why do you want to be involved in Impact48? 

The main reason I got involved was because I thought it sounded interesting and it’s aiming to create REAL impact. In the ever increasing white noise of events and meet-ups, it’s good to see something that aims to do more than just bring people together over beer (although that is to be considered a very positive thing to do).

What do you perceive your role to be over the weekend and what are you hoping to bring to the challenge? 

I’ll be there representing Yard Digital, one of the sponsors of the event. We’re providing a venue for the Saturday and Sunday of the challenge. Our office was designed to be a space where events like this could take place, so it’s great to be part of helping this to happen. Hopefully I can be of assistance to the team through my experience as a project and product manager, focussing on user experience and interaction.

What are you expecting to happen? 

I’ve no idea. Hopefully something that looks great and delivers real value for the charity!

What do you hope to gain from the weekend? 

I’d ideally like at least a few free doughnuts or cakes or something.

Any other fun facts you think would be interesting and helpful!

I don’t know any facts that are both interesting and helpful – I fear those are mutually exclusive items.

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Music in Hospitals Scotland

New MiH Logo (1)

Today I’m talking about our lovely charity Music in Hospitals Scotland, who are participating in our first ever challenge weekend. I went along to meet Sarah, Sponsorship and Marketing, and Alison, Chief Executive, to find out more.

Music in Hospitals Scotland (MiHScotland for short) does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a charity that provides music in hospitals, care homes, day care centres, hospices and special needs schools across Scotland. It is something almost everyone can relate to, knowing someone undergoing medical care and also the effect music can have on one’s mood. They recently celebrated their 40,000th concert in Scotland and it is through generous donations that they are able to have such an impact in people’s lives. It is difficult to describe the feelings Alison and Sarak talked about, but I was moved by descriptions of musicians playing to people affected by a stroke and maybe feeling like they have had no impact only to learn from hospital staff that someone was twitching their fingers to the music – minute movements that are rare for that person. Or to hear about parents watching their sick children light up when people are playing, taking simple joy in music. I can’t accurately describe how rewarding their work is. The best way to understand is to check out their website:

I particularly recommend the short film in the ‘About’ section – it gives you a real feel for what the charity does.

What is particularly great about MiHScotland is that most of the money that is donated goes directly towards providing more music. Simply put more money equals more concerts and more people benefit.

So why do they want to be involved in Impact48 and what are they hoping to gain?

Involvement is easy. As they are a small charity they can struggle getting themselves known, especially amongst a younger demographic. They are keen to get the word out there about the work they do, and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @MiHscotland.

But fundraising is always a challenge, putting, as they do, as much of your money back in music as possible. With the help of Ezone Software (our sponsor for the weekend; more on them later) MiHScotland has already developed a new website, allowing people to engage more with the charity.

This brings us to what are MiHScotland hoping to gain from the weekend. Well, I can’t talk too much about it, as part of the challenge weekend is for the team to come up with new, innovative ideas having heard the challenge for the first time on Friday night. BUT I can give you all an overview.

MiHScotland want to try and get more people to visit their website, and once there, to donate money. Bottom line is that more donations mean they can provide more music in hospitals. They don’t mind how much people donate, recognising that times are difficult, and are appreciative of every penny. In the words of their Chief Executive, Alison, “tiny amounts in large quantities soon add up”. So they would be as delighted with a 50p donation as with one of several hundred pounds. Their main aim is to try and raise more awareness about the charity, particularly among a younger demographic, with a view to continued support and maybe the odd donation.

A very broad challenge and I, for one, can’t wait to see how the team tackle it. I feel there are several directions to run with and thankfully we will have two members of the MiHScotland team to guide us on our way.

Little changes can make a huge difference. This is why Music in Hospitals Scotland wants to be involved with Impact48 and this is what they hope to gain from the weekend. More awareness, more foot traffic at their website and a larger supporter and donor base. Our job is to come up with a way to make that happen.

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To find out more about Music in Hospitals Scotland visit their website: or via social media, Facebook and Twitter @MiHscotland.

COMING UP: find out who else is involved in our first ever challenge weekend!


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