Volunteer for the weekend

Fancy a weekend using your skills to have a real impact on the work of the LGBT Youth Scotland?  Want to take part in a challenging, fun and incredibly rewarding weekend working along side some truly amazing people?  Can you clear your calendar for the weekend June 7/8/9?

We are looking for professionals or students with skills in:
  •  Web development
  •  Branding & Design (online AND offline)
  •  SEO
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Writing
  •  Social Media
  • Charities and the challenges they face
Not sure?
Spaces are limited for the weekend, but we do want a varied team of volunteers.  So if you are not sure then drop us a line anyway.  We are very happy to chat about the weekend and answer questions.



An Impact48 challenge weekend is all about creating something that is complete and real; something the charity can take advantage of immediately. Small and complete is beautiful in our eyes and real, measurable impact is what we stand for. By “complete” we mean something that works technically, looks great and has all the supporting plans, documentation and media that are needed.

Therefore, we need a well balanced team of volunteers who are able to tackle all aspects of our challenge, while working together to a ridiculously short deadline.


  • Impact: the opportunity to positively impact a charity that changes lives while committing just one weekend
  • Learn: gain experience working on a multi-skilled team with a specific goal
  • People: meet other amazing people on the team, the experts and mentors
  • Fun: it is a truly memorable weekend
  • Challenge: is it possible to actually do this in just 48 hours?