A Readerly Impact48

The Reader Organisation creates their unique impact on the world through great The Reader Organisationliterature and reading groups. Their groups have a few key characteristics:

  1. There is a Reader in Residence who is trained to create the right vibe and facilitate people reading out loud
  2. There is always reading going on between people, either one-2-one or in a group
  3. There is a Readerly Place – this could be a bookshelf, a room or even the Calderstones Mansion
  4. There is great literature being read.

They have found that their groups change people’s lives and have a great website which shares these stories.

In 2014 they want to make Liverpool a City of Readers and would love some volunteers to give just 48 hours to make a difference in setting this project up. To find out more and register click here. The Readerly Impact48 will take place at Calderstones Mansions and be accompanied by great food, fun and a lot of books (4,800 to be collected).

Get Involved!

Register if you can volunteer or pop along with some books or to do your reading excerpt. See you on 24th January.

Calderstones Mansion House

Calderstones Mansion House: the stunning venue for Impact48